China White Tea
China White Tea is grown in the undisturbed mountainous regions of China where the soil is fertile and the trees are surrounded by quiet streams and a gentle mist. The name white tea comes from the silvery-white colour of its leaves, which often have a white down on them.
Coolstix's homeopathic delivery system results in more effective therapy as the crystal powder dissolves quickly in the mouth, coats the throat and moves down to the chest thereby providing immediate relieft.
Deep Sea Fish Oil
Deep sea fish oil is discovered to contain the richest natural blend of three important Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids: DPA, DHA and EPA.

Deep sea squalene
Extracted from Deep Sea Shark Liver Oil, and nature's most concentrated source of AKGs. Squalene helps deliver oxygen throughout the body so it can be useful for those with heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.

High Strength Royal Jelly
Promote metabolism and strengthen organic functions. Lower cholesterol, stimulate myocardium and accelerate blood circulation.


T.C. Unicorn Ltd. was established in 1985.  Based in Toronto, Ontario, our company imports and distributes Chinese herbs and herbal products throughout Canada.   Our products include herbal teas, ginseng products, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and herbal supplements.  Our products are available at many Retail stores, chain stores, pharmacies, and Professional Naturopathic practitioners across Canada. We offer a variety of products that meet the Canadian standards in product quality and safety.  Most of our products carry the UNIVERSAL BRAND logo; a round global sign with a Maple leaf on the side.   It is our registered trademark to symbolize our commitment to delivering quality natural health products.


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